Brandon Kearney


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Athletic Performance & Soccer Technical Coach

  • Cal Lutheran Grad
  • Soccer Training Specialist

Brandon joined Functional Muscle Fitness in May of 2018 after graduating from Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science Human Performance.

-Northgate High School; graduated in 2013

– took Sports Medicine at NG and that’s when my interest sparked

-Started soccer at a young age and grew up playing WCSC

-Played soccer all 4 years at Cal Lutheran

During my offseason, I would spend countless hours shadowing strength coaches and working with a variety of athletes. It was during this time that I began to further develop myself in the field of sports performance and can now look through the eyes of a strength coach instead of a player.

-Always fascinated with the human body and its array of movement

-Grew up assisting my fellow teammates with sports injuries

– Throughout my soccer career, I spent endless hours training on my own, with private coaches, and in a performance facility to better my game. I always had a dream of wanting to play at the collegiate level. One of the major highlights in my career is being able to see that same drive in the eyes of young athletes just like myself. My goal is to help athletes in any way I can to achieve their dreams- whether that be at the collegiate level or simply to start developing that passion early on in their lives. Giving back to the athletic community in which I was born and raised provides me with much fulfillment.

One of the things I am most grateful for is being given the opportunity to play soccer for as long as I have. Every day, I look for athletes who want to better themselves and take their game to the next level. Luckily, I have played soccer and been an athlete since I was five years old so it is not difficult for me put myself in their shoes for a second. I have been through so much as an athlete throughout the years that I have found an ease with being able to relate to all the athletes themselves. I believe that a key in being able to advance an athletes level of play is being able to have an eye for specifics in relation to their body, sport, and expertise.

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