Advanced Training

Our Mission… Purpose Driven for the Advanced Athlete

(13-18yrs old)

By focusing on wins and losses coaches lose perspective of the process, which dictates long-term advancement. For athletes training in this phase constant feedback that encourage and discourage behavior, movements and thought processes will result in long-term development thus allowing for play at a higher level.

Training Keys

FSA’s clinics and training sessions will take your players skill level to the new heights by using proven techniques and drills under an award-winning coach. We are committed to the individual improvement of each player through detailed instruction. True player development occurs when a players daily training and playing environment is of the highest quality – that’s what you’ll get at FSA

  • Individual skill development under pressure of time, space and opponents
  • Focus on technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements of the game
  • Film sessions to enhance player’s knowledge on tactics, team formation and match strategies
  • Positive, player-centric learning environment

Advanced clinics for 2000 - 2004 age groups


    - Footskill & Ball Handling
    - Shooting Accuracy & Power
    - Reaction & Acceleration
    - Creative Thinking & Cognitive Thought
    *We specialize in custom group training, contact us to find out more information...
    Curriculum Director: Coach Derricke Brown
    - Head Coach - Contra Costa FC & De La Salle High School
    Player Coaches:
    - Professional Players from Contra Costa FC's Premier Team (UPSL)
    - U11-12 & Up
    - Competitive Clinic
    - Small Group Training
    - Wednesday @ 6:00-7:00pm
    - Thursday @ 6:00-7:00pm
    *check website for any class cancellations
    **must RSVP for the training session prior to attending
    $40 = 1 sessions
    $140 = 4 sessions
    $240 = 8 sessions
    *must RSVP for the training session prior to attending


SHOOTING CLINIC... every Friday
Friday's @ 5:00-6:00pm

Shooting on Target Nets... accuracy
Work on developing and controlling power with the shot
Learn to be creative with the ball and off the ball
Work on quickness and physical skills

1 class = $40
4 classes = $140
8 classes = $240
*MUST RSVP for the classes that you will be attending
**All classes expire after 3-months