A "Technical Training Arena" and "Soccer Immersion Program" that will change the way US soccer players are developed…

Technical Training Arena

Our first field, “FitPro Field,” sits at 40’x50’ to allow for 3v3 and 4v4 play (played internationally) for more detailed highly skilled touches, goals, shots and 1v1 play. This style of training allows for higher IQ amongst soccer players as well as enhanced athletic prowess. It requires strategy, body control, acceleration, precision placement on goal and clean touches. The constant action is not only exhilarating but its intensity keeps match play more engaging for each player over a large sided match.

FitPro Field is located within Functional Muscle Fitness, an elite fitness and performance center. The relationship between the two allows for an integration of soccer performance with athletic performance. The clinics offered will engage soccer players in highly skilled touches, soccer skills, with advanced physical movements that develop them athletically.

Soccer Emersion Program

Our focus is to enhance and develop the physical, mental abilities of all young athletes in to more coordinative movements while instilling an understanding and passion for the game of soccer. The training style will allow us the opportunity to develop and enhance young fútballers physical, technical and mental skills while increasing motor skill development for growth.

The coaching sessions will be 55 minutes in duration that focuses on a wide variety of skills. The coaching delivery will be passionate and fun to ensure that each kids learns to love activity, teamwork and soccer. Watching

CONTRA u8 Academy

The u8 Academy powered by Contra Costa FC focuses on full development of the young soccer player:

  1. Technical
  2. Physical
  3. Soccer Concepts
  4. Cognitive
  5. Social Skills


CCFC Summer Camps 

Summer Camps begins June 10th

Training and Clinics

Development, Advanced, Shooting Clinics

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